Mud pump manufacturers for alumina process explain mud pumps


Mud pump refers to a machine that transports flushing fluids such as mud or water into the borehole during the drilling process. Mud pumps are an important part of drilling equipment.

Slurry Pumps for Alumina process manufacturers

In the commonly used positive circulation drilling, it is to send the surface flushing medium-water, mud or polymer flushing liquid directly to the bottom of the drill bit through the high-pressure hose, the water tap and the center hole of the drill string under a certain pressure to achieve The purpose of cooling the drill bit, removing the cuttings and transporting them to the surface.
The commonly used mud pump is of piston type or plunger type. The crankshaft of the pump is driven by the power machine to rotate, and the crankshaft drives the piston or plunger to reciprocate in the pump cylinder through the crosshead. Under the alternate action of the suction and discharge valves, the purpose of pressurizing and circulating the flushing liquid is realized.

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