Alumina process mud pump manufacturers introduce the performance of mud pumps


The displacement is calculated by several liters per minute, which is related to the diameter of the borehole and the required rate of flushing fluid returning from the bottom of the hole, that is, the larger the hole diameter, the larger the required displacement. It is required that the upward return speed of the flushing fluid can flush the cuttings and rock powder cut by the drill bit away from the bottom of the hole in time and carry them to the surface reliably. When drilling geological cores, the general upward return speed is about 0.4 to 1.0 m/min.

Slurry Pumps for Alumina process manufacturers

The pressure of the pump depends on the depth of the borehole, the resistance of the channel through which the flushing fluid passes, and the nature of the flushing fluid delivered. The deeper the hole is drilled, the greater the resistance of the line and the higher the pressure required.
With the change of the diameter and depth of the borehole, the displacement of the required pump can also be adjusted at any time. There is a gearbox in the pump mechanism or a hydraulic motor to adjust its speed to achieve the purpose of changing the displacement. In order to accurately grasp the changes of the pressure and displacement of the pump, a flow meter and a pressure gauge should be installed on the mud pump, so that the drillers can understand the operation of the pump at any time, and at the same time judge whether the condition in the hole is normal through the pressure change to prevent the occurrence of in-hole ACCIDENT.

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