Precautions for using mud pump


Before starting the mud pump, please check whether the water inlet and outlet pipes are blocked, whether the front and rear bearings are filled with butter, and check whether the packing is full. The mud pump should be equipped with a high-pressure clean water pump, and the clean water greater than the pressure of the mud pump should be transported to the anti-leakage packing to protect the packing. The flushing pump should not be turned off when the mud pump is working, otherwise, the sealing part will be rapidly worn. Whether the gap between the impeller and the guard plate is reasonable has a great influence on the life of the mud pump. If the clearance is unreasonable, the pump will generate vibration and noise during operation, and the overcurrent components will be damaged quickly. Therefore, when replacing the impeller, care should be taken to make the clearance meet the requirements of the drawing, and the clearance adjustment can be done through the adjustment screws on the rear bearing body. The allowable suction lift of the mud pump is determined when conveying clean water, and the influence of mud on the suction capacity should be considered when pumping mud.

Slurry Pumps for Alumina process company

The construction department shall have special maintenance personnel responsible for the maintenance and repair of construction machinery. Regularly inspect and maintain mud pumps and other machinery, and solve problems as soon as possible to avoid shutdowns. During construction, attention should be paid to the size of the sediment particles. When the particles are large, the vulnerable parts of the mud pump should be checked frequently for timely maintenance or replacement.

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