The reason why the Roots blower bearing is easy to break


The wearing parts of the Roots blower are: bearings, gears, V-belts, and bushings, which are all easily damaged parts of the Roots blower.
Bearing is the core component of the fan. In order to prolong the service life, we must properly maintain the bearing. Try to ensure that you need to add grease once every 7 days, and use a grease gun to fill it according to the instruction manual (every fan that leaves the factory is equipped with an instruction manual, which has detailed maintenance methods and precautions). Try to use high-temperature-resistant butter. The normal operating temperature of the fan is 80-100 degrees Celsius, so be sure to use high-temperature-resistant butter.

SSR Roots Blower from China

Why is the bearing easy to break? There is a heat dissipation port under the bearing table. After the Roots blower works normally for more than 3 hours, the temperature will reach 80 degrees Celsius, so the butter will become thinner and flow out from the heat dissipation port. A good machine needs a good Maintenance, the fan must ensure that the bearing is not short of oil during the use of the fan.
Good equipment needs to be carefully maintained. No matter how good the machine is, no matter how hard you use it, it may break down in two or three months. If you need to observe it every day and maintain it well, it may be used for 5 years or even 10 years. 

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