The product characteristics of Roots steam compressor are mainly as follows


1. The heavy-duty frame and integral cast iron of the high-strength steam compressor are made by CNC precision machining, and there are precise installation and positioning links.
2. The processing of all parts is carried out in the company, which is all processed and integrated by the machining center, and the dimensional tolerance is more accurate. The bearing position and the wall plate are processed together to ensure the accurate positioning of the bearing.

customized Steam Roots Compressor

3. The impeller is made of high-grade cast iron (or duplex stainless steel, titanium material), and is made of high-precision four-axis machining. The shape and size are accurate, and it is permanently fixed on the steel shaft.
4. The double-head lubricating oil tank is used for lubrication, which better improves the service life of the bearings and gears of the roots steam compressor, and avoids the shortcomings of the original traditional model using butter lubrication.
5. The material is made of integral cast iron (duplex stainless steel or titanium). The inner wall of the cast iron compressor is coated with a special coating. The anti-corrosion effect of the special coating is slightly lower than that of the original titanium material, but the resistance to cavitation, water erosion and erosion is higher than Titanium.

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