Steam Roots Compressor manufacturers


Steam Roots Compressor manufacturers are used to solve the problem that the existing steam compressors are prone to fluid leakage when the drive shaft moves too much, and to cool the mechanical seals to ensure that the mechanical seals are in the best working environment. The steam compressor, pushes The end face of the ring is always in contact and fit with the end face of the moving ring, and at the same time the moving ring slides relative to the push ring. The mechanical seal adopts the structure of setting a moving ring between two static rings, so that the push ring on the static ring is always in contact with the moving ring. The end faces of the ring are in close contact to avoid the occurrence of fluid leakage. The setting of the stop buckle and the fixing screw avoids the relative rotation between the sealing inner sleeve and the drive shaft, and provides a guarantee for the sealing effect of the sealing ring. On the main body of Steam Roots Compressor manufacturers A cooling water circulation system is set up to cool the mechanical seal through the cooling water flowing through the water inlet and outlet, and provide a good environment for the mechanical seal to avoid fluid leakage.

The above is a brief introduction to the basics of Steam Roots Compressor manufacturers.

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