quality Rotary Valve For sale


The quality Rotary Valve For sale includes a valve body, a drive device connected to the upper end of the valve body, three or four circulation through holes are provided on the valve seat located at the lower end of the valve body, respectively communicating with the fluid passage, and the core shaft in the drive device is downward. The valve body is inserted into the valve body, the upper end of the eccentric shaft is connected in the valve body, and the lower end is matched with the center hole of the external gear; the external gear and the internal gear are driven by the eccentric shaft for meshing transmission; the lower end surface of the external gear is concentric with the valve seat through the pin. The sliding block is connected and drives the sliding block to rotate. The beneficial effects of the invention are: the transmission structure adopts the differential gear planetary gear structure, which has large transmission ratio, small volume, compact structure and stable transmission. Every time a certain number of pulses are received, the motor drives the sliding The block switches one position, and the inlet and outlet can realize two-way, three-way, four-way or quality Rotary Valve For sale according to the design proportion.

The above is a brief introduction to the basics of quality Rotary Valve For sale.

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