Rotary Feeder on sales


The Rotary Feeder on sales includes a feeder body, the interior of the feeder body is connected with a rotating shaft through a bearing, one end of the rotating shaft penetrates to one side of the feeder body and is fixedly connected with a motor, and the rotating shaft is fixedly connected with a motor. The fan blades are evenly distributed, a material guide pipe is firmly inserted between the discharge pipe and the feed pipe, and one side of the silo is fixedly connected with the output end of the telescopic cylinder. The device drives the feed pipe on the hopper Sliding left and right makes the material evenly spread into the hopper, and at the same time the fan blade rotates for uniform feeding, which greatly improves the uniformity and stability of the feeding. The wear phenomenon caused by the direct contact between the fan blade and the inner wall of the feeder body is eliminated, and the rotating force is buffered to form elastic contact, which greatly prolongs the service life of the device, ensures the stability of the device operation, and is conducive to improving work efficiency.

The above is a brief introduction to the basics of Rotary Feeder on sales.

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