What you need to know about SSR Roots Blower on sales


SSR Roots Blower on sales, including a blower housing, with main and auxiliary rotating shafts in the casing, intermeshing impellers mounted on the rotating shafts, air inlets and air outlets of the fan casing, the impeller is a three-blade impeller and an impeller type The line adopts a composite profile line, the gas inlet end of the casing is provided with a helical air inlet, and the surface of the impeller is provided with a chrome-plated layer; one side of the fan casing is provided with a gear box, and the gear box is provided with mutually meshing positive , Reverse gear, the positive and negative gears are fixedly connected with the main and auxiliary shafts respectively; the fan casing is formed by butting the upper casing and the lower casing, and the connection between the upper and lower casings is provided with double sealing rings The outer ring adopts an oil seal, and the inner ring adopts a rubber sealing ring to seal. The utility model is also provided with a muffler on the air outlet pipe of the fan, which can reduce the wind noise of the air outlet.
In summary, this is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of SSR Roots Blower on sales.

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