Maintenance knowledge of customized SSR Roots Blower


How much do you know about the maintenance of customized SSR Roots Blower? Let’s take a look at it briefly below!
During normal operation, check the temperature of bearings, lubricating oil in the oil tank, motor, etc. every 1 to 2 hours, and the temperature should not be higher than the specified value. The customized SSR Roots Blower is very noisy during operation. In order to reduce the noise, in addition to installing a muffler, some convenient methods can sometimes be used to reduce the noise, such as the crypt method. Dig a 4~5m³ crypt underground, seal the crypt, use a conduit to introduce the air inlet into the crypt, and use another conduit to introduce the outside air into the crypt. The two pipes are as hard as possible to step into the bottom of the crypt, which can reduce a lot of noise.

There are two adjustment methods for customized SSR Roots Blower, one is the method of blowing off the air, this method is simple and reliable, but not economical. The more economical method is to adjust the speed. In order to increase the wind pressure and air volume of the Roots blower, some cement plants speed up the speed of the blower. However, it should be noted that when increasing the speed, the mechanical strength of the mechanical equipment should be considered, and the increase should not be very large. Generally, the speed should not exceed 15% of the nameplate. When the speed increases, it is often necessary to replace the larger motor.
The lubricating oil of customized SSR Roots Blower should be replaced every 3~6 months or filtered through a copper wire mesh with a pore size of less than 50 microns. The working time is more than 200 hours after starting, and the oil should be changed. The muffler should also be overhauled every six months or so, and some or all of the sound-absorbing materials should be replaced. The air filter should be overhauled frequently, and the inlet and outlet valves and bypass pipes should be kept in normal and good condition. If there is a problem, fix it immediately.
The above is a brief introduction to the maintenance knowledge of customized SSR Roots Blower.

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