Startup knowledge of SSR Roots Blower from China manufacturer


How much do you know about the startup knowledge of SSR Roots Blower from China manufacturer? Let’s take a look at it briefly below!
1. Fully open the intake regulating valve, the outlet regulating valve and the bypass pipe;
2. Check whether the air filter at the air inlet is unblocked and whether the filter inlet is fully opened;
3. Check whether the support of pipes, valves, mufflers, and air filters is stable, and no load force should be applied to the casing;
4. Check whether the lubricating oil is good, whether the model is suitable, the depth of the lubricating oil layer should reach 3~5 cm above the specified oil line, and whether the cooling water system is smooth;

5. Toggle the coupling, check whether the impeller transfer is flexible and whether there is friction and collision;
6. Check whether the connection of each part is good and whether there is looseness;
7. Remove the surrounding debris and keep the fan within two meters without debris;
8. Check whether the electrical parts and the voltage-reduction starting equipment are in good condition;
8. Check whether the maintenance tools are available, and whether the fire extinguishing equipment is sufficient and complete.
The above is a brief introduction to the startup knowledge of SSR Roots Blower from China manufacturer.

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