Precautions for the selection of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Wholesale Price


Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Wholesale Price is a rough pump that uses liquid as the working medium, and has many applications in industry. In order to make the equipment play a better role, in addition to the preliminary work, the following points should be mastered before selection:
1. The working pressure of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Wholesale Price should meet the ultimate vacuum and working pressure requirements of vacuum equipment.
2. Correctly select the working point of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Wholesale Price. Each type of pump has a certain working pressure range, and the working point of the pump should be selected within this range, rather than allowing it to work for a long time at 10-8mmHg.
3. Under its working pressure, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Wholesale Price should be able to remove all the gas generated in the process of vacuum equipment.

4. Correct combination of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Wholesale Price. Due to the selective pumping of vacuum pumps, sometimes one type of pump cannot meet the pumping requirements, and several pumps need to be combined to complement each other to meet the pumping requirements. In addition, some vacuum pumps cannot work under atmospheric pressure and require pre-vacuum; some vacuum pumps have an outlet pressure lower than atmospheric pressure and require a backing pump, so they all need to be used in combination.
5. Requirements for oil pollution of vacuum equipment. If the equipment is strictly required to be oil-free, various oil-free pumps should be selected. If the requirements are not strict, oil-free pumps can be selected, plus some anti-oil pollution measures, such as adding cold traps, baffles, oil traps, etc., can also achieve cleanliness vacuum requirements.
6. Understand the composition of the pumped gas, whether the gas contains condensable vapor, whether there is particle dust, whether it is corrosive, etc. When choosing Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Wholesale Price, you need to know the gas composition and choose the appropriate pump for the gas being pumped. If the gas contains vapor, particles, and corrosive gases, it should be considered to install auxiliary equipment such as condensers, dust collectors, etc. on the inlet pipeline of the pump.

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