Ceramic Slurry Pump Manufacturers china talks about the cause of leakage of slurry pump packing


The slurry pump may leak in the filler during use. The following editor of Ceramic Slurry Pump Manufacturers china will introduce the reasons for the leakage of the slurry pump filler.
1. Among many fillers, asbestos fillers are currently relatively widely used fillers. After drying and hardening, a lumpy phenomenon will form. This will make the contact area between the mud pump and the pump shaft larger.
2. The filling replacement period is too long, the filling is aging, the packaging quality is poor, the structure is loose, and it is easy to wear. At this time, the packaging needs to be replaced.

3. During the operation of the pump, if the packing gland is too tight, the packing will fill the pump shaft, so that the water in the water seal ring cannot pass smoothly, which will cause the packing to fail due to overheating and hardening.
4. The inner ring of the mud pump water seal ring is too small, the number of small holes on the ring is insufficient or blocked, the installation position of the water seal ring is incorrect, the water seal pipe is blocked; the gap between the packing gland and the pump shaft is too small, etc. The cause of the leakage of mud pump packing.
The above is the introduction of the editor of Ceramic Slurry Pump Manufacturers china: the reason for the leakage of mud pump packing.

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