How to maintain Magnetic Suspension Centrifugal Blower?


How to maintain Magnetic Suspension Centrifugal Blower? Let's take a look at it together!
1. Ensure that the machine room of Magnetic Suspension Centrifugal Blower is well ventilated. The blower is a large energy-consuming equipment in the sewage treatment system, which generates heat during operation. If its temperature cannot be diffused in time, especially in summer, the temperature rise of the blower will be too high. This will not only affect the life of the motor, but also cause the blower to stop due to insufficient power in severe cases. Air conditioner can be used to cool down when necessary to solve the temperature rise problem of centrifugal fan. When air conditioning is used, indoor air cooling and direct air cooling by blower can be used.

2. In the daily management of Magnetic Suspension Centrifugal Blower, regularly check the inlet and outlet air pressure of the centrifugal blower. If the inlet pressure is too low, clean or replace the inlet filter in time; if the outlet pressure is too high, check the outlet pipe, it may be caused by the blockage of the aerator's microporous membrane or water accumulation in the air pipe, and the microporous membrane can be cleaned in time Or drainage solution.
3. The outlet temperature of Magnetic Suspension Centrifugal Blower should be controlled, especially in summer. Excessive outlet temperature will not only increase the temperature of the fan, but also affect the oxygen filling.
4. Pay attention to the lubrication and maintenance of the centrifugal blower. Industrial sewage treatment is carried out in strict accordance with the operation and maintenance regulations of the fan manufacturer, and the lubricating oil is regularly checked and replaced in time.
The above is a brief introduction to the maintenance knowledge of Magnetic Suspension Centrifugal Blower, you can learn more.

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