The customized Truck Blower tells: Knowledge about the use and operation of the blower!


How much do you know about the operation of the blower? Follow the editor of customized Truck Blower to have a simple understanding!
1. The operator needs to be familiar with this regulation before starting the machine and operate the blower strictly in accordance with this regulation.
1. Check the oil level of the oil tank, it should be between the upper limit and the lower limit of the oil dipstick.
2. Notify the substation to supply power to the machine.
3. Check the control cabinet on the machine, there should be no alarm display. If there is an alarm, find out the cause and eliminate it.
4. Select the "Manual" state. (Touch the "Manual" button with your finger).
5. Check whether the pressure relief valve is in the open position (the pressure relief valve is open and the green light is on). Check that the diffuser should be set to the minimum opening (the minimum green light of the diffuser is on).
2. After checking the above and confirming that the fan can be started, press the start button, and the fan will enter the start-up procedure:
1. The auxiliary oil pump is pre-lubricated for one minute (the auxiliary oil pump is running and the green light is on).
2. The blower can start to run (the green light is on when the blower is running).
3. The pressure relief valve slowly closes (the pressure relief valve opens and the green light goes out, after two minutes the pressure relief valve closes and the green light turns on).
4. The auxiliary oil pump stops running (the auxiliary oil pump is running, the green light is off, and the stop red light is on). At this point, the blower has been successfully started and can be put into formal operation.
5. If the blower fails to start as scheduled after the start button is pressed, the red light for the low oil pressure alarm will light up after one minute, and the entire starting process will stop. After finding out the cause and solving it, eliminate the alarm and restart.
The above is the introduction to the use and operation of the blower by the editor of the customized Truck Blower.

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