The customized Truck Blower tells: the knowledge about the components of the blower!


The main components of the blower are: volute, collector and impeller. Let's follow the editor of customized Truck Blower to have a simple understanding!
The collector can guide the gas to the impeller, and the air flow at the inlet of the impeller is guaranteed by the geometry of the collector. There are many types of current collectors, mainly: cylindrical, cone, cylindrical, arc, cylindrical, arc, and so on.
The impeller is generally composed of four parts: wheel cover, wheel disc, blade, and shaft disc. The structure of the impeller is mainly welded and riveted. According to the different installation angles of the impeller outlet, it can be divided into three types: radial, forward and backward. The impeller is a very important part of the centrifugal fan. The internal flow of the centrifugal impeller is affected by the rotation of the impeller and the surface curvature is also accompanied by the phenomenon of outflow, backflow and secondary flow, which makes the flow in the impeller very complicated. The internal flow of the impeller directly affects the aerodynamic performance and efficiency of the entire stage and even the entire machine.
The volute is mainly used to collect the gas from the impeller. At the same time, it can convert the kinetic energy of the gas into the static pressure energy of the gas by moderately reducing the gas velocity, and guide the gas to leave the volute outlet. As a fluid impeller machine, the blower is a very effective method to start with the study of its internal flow field to improve its overall performance and work efficiency.
To sum up, the editor of the customized Truck Blower introduces: You can learn more about the components of the blower.

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