What are the installation requirements for the Low price Centrifugal Fan V-belt?


Do you know what the installation requirements of the Low price Centrifugal Fan V-belt are? Follow the editor to have a simple understanding!
1. The belt is too tight: it will cause frequent damage to the belt and the back-end bearing overheating. Bearing damage is also the main cause of vibration. If the rotor vibrates, resonance will also occur.
2. The belt is too loose: the friction will be reduced, the belt will slip, resulting in loss of rotation, insufficient power is transmitted, and the fan does not achieve the desired effect. The correct installation method should be to press the middle part of one of the belts with your fingers. The pressing depth is between the thickness of one belt and the thickness of two belts.

3. The V-belt should be of the same specification (batch). If the length of the same specification is different, the same length should be selected. It is strictly forbidden to install one or more of the belts too loose, so that other belts will be affected. Force overload, belt wear is fast, it is forbidden to mix new and old.
In summary, the editor tells: About the installation requirements of Low price Centrifugal Fan triangle belt, I hope you can learn more through the introduction of the above editor.

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