PMSM Direct Drive Turbo Blower supplier china tells how to disassemble the impeller of Low price Centrifugal Fan?


Low price Centrifugal Fan is easy to use and highly flexible, and it is more and more used in all walks of life. Sometimes we need to disassemble the impeller during use. You must master the correct disassembly method. The editor of PMSM Direct Drive Turbo Blower supplier china will introduce you to the impeller disassembly method.
1. Use the impeller remover
If there is an impeller remover, it can be used for disassembly work, as long as the main shaft of the fan is pressed down, the specific operation time is 1 to 2 hours, which is also a very simple method.

2. Make the jack reaction frame disassembly
If there is no impeller remover, but there is a disassembly hole on the fan impeller hub, then the disassembly work can be carried out through the jack reaction force frame. During its operation, it is necessary to prevent the Low price Centrifugal Fan impeller from falling and hurting people.
3. Disassembly by upside down heating method
If there is neither an impeller remover nor a removal hole, then the upside-down heating method can be used for removal.
In summary, the editor of PMSM Direct Drive Turbo Blower supplier china introduces the disassembly method of Low price Centrifugal Fan impeller. You can learn more about it.

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