Customized Slurry Pumps for Alumina process tells what are the reasons for the uneven wind of Centrifugal Fan?


Centrifugal Fan is a machine that relies on input mechanical energy to increase gas pressure and discharge gas. It is a driven fluid machine. It is widely used in ventilation, dust exhaust and cooling of factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings; ventilation and induced air of boilers and industrial furnaces; cooling and ventilation in air conditioning equipment and household appliances ; Drying and selective delivery of grains; Air source of wind tunnel and inflation and propulsion of hovercraft, etc. However, Centrifugal Fan sometimes has the problem of uneven wind. Once such a problem occurs, its actual operation and application will be greatly affected. We should first understand the reasons for the uneven wind, so that the problem can be solved correctly. . Let’s take a look at it with the editor of Customized Slurry Pumps for Alumina process!
1. Because there are some problems in the diodes of the four rectifiers of Centrifugal Fan, the efficiency of the equipment is harmed.
2. The carbon powder of the motor rotor and commutator is different from the carbon brush of the motor. At this time, you can discuss the adjustable resistance of the centrifugal fan first, and the resistance value changes with the adjustment.
3. The problem may lie in the thyristor. It seems that leading, loosening, short-circuit failure, and inaccessibility are all problems that cause the Centrifugal Fan's speed to be unstable. In addition, if the adjustable resistor is loosened, the stability of the rate will also be affected.
In summary, the editor of the Customized Slurry Pumps for Alumina process introduces: You can learn more about the reasons for the unstable wind of Centrifugal Fan.

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