The reason why customized SSR Roots Blower runs stuck


Sometimes when we run the customized SSR Roots Blower, it will freeze, why is this? Let's take a brief look at it together!
1. When the customized SSR Roots Blower is deactivated or in use, water enters, and the interior and exterior are rusted. Extensive rust can cause the impeller to seize. In this case, it is necessary to clean the rust with kerosene soaking, gasoline flushing, etc., and adjust the gap.
2. Check whether the power supply is disconnected
3. Check whether the motor is damaged and not working properly.
4. The occlusion area of ​​the gear is about 2/3, and it is larger than the occlusion area. The occlusion force between the gears is too large, so that the gear cannot rotate, resulting in the impeller not moving.

5. Due to the poor lubrication of the bearing, the rotor deviates from the direction during use, resulting in a change in the gap between the rotor and the wall, causing friction in the impeller and preventing the fan from rotating, which is an indirect cause of the change in the impeller gap. It is a common cause of impellers not turning.
6. Large particles enter the inside of the fan and block the gap between the components, so that the fan does not rotate. To clean the inner cavity in time, check whether there is a gap between the impellers. Avoid recurring failures when checking the cause of foreign objects falling.
The above is an introduction to the reasons why customized SSR Roots Blower is stuck at runtime.

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