How much do you know about customized Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump


The new customized Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump involves the technical field of vacuum pumps, including the pump body, the impeller located inside the pump body, the front disc fixed at the front end of the pump body, and the rear disc fixed at the rear end of the pump body. The side disc is provided with an air inlet and an air outlet, and the upper side of the front disc is provided with two flanges. The impeller includes a hub and a blade connected to the hub by a key, and is characterized in that: There is an opening at the end of the blade, and the blade is in the state of a blade. The gap between the impeller and the front disc is 20 threads. When the utility model is working, the end of the blade and both ends of the impeller will generate a water front, and the water front will affect the pump body. The scale and impurities inside and sandwiched between the impeller and the front disc and the rear disc are all washed away, which improves the working efficiency of the customized Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, increases its service life, reduces energy consumption, and saves Cost of production.

The above is a brief introduction to the basic knowledge of customized Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump.

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